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Programs for all ages and stages


  • Classroom programs

  • Kitchen table groups

  • Youth groups

  • Mother/Father and Daughter /Son

  • Whole family groupings

  • Parent Advisory Groups

  • Parent Education Seminars

  • Community Groups

  • School staff workshops and support



Topics Available
  1. Body Science - correct scientific names and functions of our reproductive anatomy

  2. Safe and Unsafe touch

  3. All Families are Different

  4. Gender and Sexuality

  5. What happens during puberty

  6. Healthy relationships

  7. Birth Control

  8. Sexually Transmitted Infections

  9. Consent - how and why

  10. Pornography- how it affects us all

  11. Conception and Pregnancy

  12. How to be an open and askable parent

  13. Healthy Sexual Expressions as we age


Other topics as needed and requested


For classroom sessions, BC Ministry of Education Guidelines and Proscribed Learning Outcomes for the appropriate grade are followed. Lessons are tailored to the individual classroom and situation.


All workshops are taught with a sex positive focus and teaching is based on the age and stage of the learning audience. All questions are answered and discussions are held in the same manner.


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