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Pam believes that everyone has the right to education and information about their bodies and sexuality, and works hard to be open and honest with the youth and families with whom she works. 


She was educated  through Options for Sexual Health in the Lower Mainland - a program that trains and certifies mature and qualified candidates as Sexual Health Educators. Options for Sexual Health is the only place to offer this comprehensive training and certification in Canada. Pam is fully certified.


Pam came to the field of Sexual Health Education as a social worker and has worked with children, youth and families in a variety of settings. She has over 30 years of experience.


She loves working with youth and finds that she often learns more from them than they learn from her. 


Pam has been a front line worker and supervisor in the education system, government settings, private agencies and the non profit arena.  She has been a volunteer in many different fields  and a board member for several groups and agencies over the years. She earned her degree in Social Work at the University of Victoria and currently holds registration with the BC College of Social Workers and is a member of both the BC Association of Social Workers and the Canadian Association of Social Workers. She is insured through the BCASW and  Aon Sten Reedhouse.


Photo - Ingrid Stevens-Photography
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